Our Story

At an early age, I realized the importance of financial stability in any family, under any circumstances.

When I was seven years old, my father passed away. Like most children, this had a great deal of influence on my life.

At the age of 18, I had already purchased life insurance for myself. Two years later when my engagement announcement was in the paper, I was approached by my insurance agent to sell life insurance. I started training and selling part-time as a captive agent while in college. I enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that I had started a person on the path to saving and accumulating money, while protecting their family from the financial devastation that can occur when a family members dies.

After working successfully for 4 years, I saw a problem with the system. I dreamed of a company that could offer my clients the best life insurance, health insurance, investments and services, no matter what company was offering the products. Financial Arts, Inc. was started in 1974 to fulfill those dreams. To this day, that dream continues.

I never expected my children to work for Financial Arts, but in 2001, my son Dan who has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning from Purdue University, joined our business.

Four years later, my daughter Valerie, who has a degree of Bachelor of Science in Finance from Southern Illinois University, came to work to relieve me of many of my business duties. She is devoting much of her time to educating senior citizens on the options available to them.

You have my assurance that Financial Arts, Inc. will not stray from the foundation on which it was built. We will always strive to give you "Protection today with planning for tomorrow."

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